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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is My Rifle, This is My 'Gun'

What does It mean to use your Gun for training and not for fun?

Well, you know how during training exercises you don't use real rounds and your weapon has a blank adapter on it? still practice......the weapon is being used to almost its full capacity, just nothing comes out. The energy stays inside the Gun.....nothing comes still do all the normal stuff, you just don't do it completely. Are we all tracking on this?

Now why in the heck would I be encouraging you to practice using your Gun in this fashion.....because I want you to start developing good sustainable habits and I need your basic posture to be one of them.

I know smbrs had access to shit Goads of DTD down range and chances are you still got it, or you access it on the Internet during down time if I can get you paying attn to your posture on a regular basis and get you to be more disciplined about sending your focus and energy somewhere other than the trash-can or a sock, then we are all making progress.

This weeks practical is all about the hips. I showed you how to clean your shoulders, now I'm tying that practice together with something I'm pretty sure you do regularly.

I can just image you reading this.....when it dawns on you what I'm recommending you do you are gonna think I've lost my shit. Not a problem, HOOAH?

Just know that I practiced this same discipline down range for an entire year. That's right, not once while I was down range did I ever use my gun to completion. Not once!

When I first got home I had the same Down Time habits I had down range, only I completed the process. It took me a while to realize that DTD was screwing up my progress and influencing my understanding of intimacy in an unsustainable way......whether I completed the process or not..........but we will get to that later.

Know time you are going to have to train yourself away from your Down Time Documents...but in the mean time you might as well further the process of Armoring Down by optimizing something that you look forward to and enjoy doing.


  1. So clearly you're suggesting the guys masturbate but without finishing the job, and I just have to wonder: What good does that serve? Wouldn't it just add to a guy's frustration? I mean, since you're home, why not just have sex? Especially if you already have a partner (and my understanding is that more service members do than not)...I mean, if I had a man who was regularly masturbating *and not finishing,* I'd be like...What the hell? And then I'd climb on top--and take care of him right. ;-)

  2. The end is not the goal, the lead up to the end is. During BRM (basic rifle marksmanship) a smbr is trained to manage and maintain slight body and breathing alignments before ever firing the rifle. Meaning the training to recognize certain posture positions is already there and By training the ability to hold onto your shit as opposed to losing it fortifies a sustainable civilian habit. Daily release for releases sake wastes ammo, especially if u keep missing the target. The target in armor down is a sustainable civilian lifestyle.