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Thursday, January 26, 2012

A VA mind Trip.

I spent the morning in a mindfulness class at the D.C. VA. It was me,4 men from Vietnam and 2 from Korea.

I felt right at home. There were guys that filled the silence with comfortable chatter. Quick with a joke or important piece of information.

The was a guy with remarkabley big hands. His health was a mess but he could have crushed my head with one of those mitts!

There was a blind man. He was treated as grandfather, and asked me very poignant questions about Armor Down.

The meditation was a guided process of focusing the mind on easily discernible sensations.

One guy called it going away but not like sleeping.

Lot of talk about sleeping. Tricks of the trade.

A Joe from Nam described my insomnia experiences to a T.

My experience with the process was a lot like what that one guy said, sleep but not quite, and I did feel good when it was all done.

I loved being around these warriors. I liked being at the VA.

I'm looking forward to going back


  1. I can't wait to hear more about your experience there. It's a great start to making Armor Down become a reality! You have so much to offer these men and women.

  2. Good things always come from feeling at home. I feel like there is a story here that I look forward to reading.