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Friday, March 2, 2012

Break! Break! Break! Any Station this Net....Radio Check, Over?

So I have been going to the VA now for 6 weeks. Yesterday's training was the best so far.

What does that mean?

During the class we are guided by the teacher to sense our bodies from the perspective of...inside our minds.

So when the teacher says focus on your ear, you only job is to do just that.

Now I can do that....sense my ear....but why care?

Well yesterday my ability to sense my ear and any other part of my body was easier and more interesting than any time so far.

What does easy mean?

Well I have mentioned before that there are lots of distractions during the class.

But this time I wasn't pulled away.

Past weeks required real effort to stay focused.

This week it was easy

This may seem like the most obvious thing of course it's easy, you are just sitting there...

On the contrary my friend...

I challenge you to catch your thoughts this very instance and keep them focused on one part of your body.

Easy right...

Now do it for an hour.

What's going to happen is chatter.

Your thoughts are going to think.

You are going to fill up with thoughts.

You are trying to focus on your ear and your thoughts are on lunch.

You catch them and bring them back only to lose them again to thoughts about your weekend.

You catch them keep them are doing great...

(insert loud noise)

Where did that come from.

Your thoughts quickly fill up again..

Your focus destroyed..

Your calm gone...

Start over.

You can liken the chatter to a radio channel taken up by traffic. If there is no break you can't get in.

If you can't get in the chatter just goes on and on and on.

Now imagine you can get in...

There is space and the second you link in everything is silent and waiting patiently to hear what you have to say.

No interruptions.

No pressure

No hurry.

You have all the time in the world.

(insert loud noise)

Now when there is interference you don't mind.

Your mind is flexible.

The bullshit going on around you doesn't have much of an impact.

It's just something else.

No mind, no matter.

That was yesterday's class.

All the noise, yet I wasn't bothered.

All the matter.

The coolest part was....

The experience was incredibly interesting!


  1. Evocative illustrations to help make the point. Enjoyed the post.

  2. Good for you.
    We are taught and trained to multi task: Focusing on one thing is extremely difficult. However, such exercises in mindfulness are powerful tools to do it.
    I have found the techniques useful on as well as off the battlefield.

  3. Well said, Sir. I agree. Thx for the contribution. HOOAH!

  4. Interesting. The closest thing that I can relate to this, is focusing on the parts of my body that have to hang on to a running horse during my horseback riding lesson. Even then, I cantor for only 20 or so secconds at a time before going back to the trot. You might say, I'm hanging on for dear life.