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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Armor Down donates 10 Meditation Cushions to Warrior Surf

Every time Armor Down sells a military grade meditation cushion, we donate a cushion to be given away to Veterans. Today 10 cushions are on their way to Warrior Surf in South Carolina.

The donated cushions were assembled during community building workshops between civilians and veterans. Each workshop included mindfulness training and the importance of honoring our fallen heroes.  The heroes we honored during these workshops were Civil War Heroes from the battle of New Market Heights. 

For 155 years the heroes of NMH, to include 14 Medal of Honor recipients were left out of the history of the Civil War because they were black. Learn more about how these heroes are being remembered by the former Capitol of the Confederacy; Richmond Va)

Inspired by story of these American Heroes and knowing that these cushions were going to Veterans, workshop participants created artistic expressions and words of gratitude and respect inside the inner shell of the cushion. 

Warrior Surf, the cushions you are receiving have been created from the hearts of your fellow Americans. We honor you and thank you for all that you have done in service to the Nation and in service to our Veterans. 

Please consider adding names and unique expressions to the inside of your cushions. Always remembering that our heroes need us to remember and honor them just as much as we need them to remind us that freedom is not free. Their sacrifice is our responsibility. 

Reach out to to purchase a military grade meditation cushion and support our Nation’s Veterans.  

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