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Friday, December 16, 2011

The End of One Mission, the Beginning of Another.

If you blinked, hiccuped, or farted, you might have missed the fact that the decade long Iraq war officially ended yesterday. If this was strange or made you mad, good.....use it. If however, you were surprised by this.... it's time to take your head out of your ass.

If the end of a decade long war, that killed over 4000 smbrs (service members) was just a blip on the radar, guess what you and your problems will be to anyone besides your battle buddies and family?

This is the way it is. Now is the time to begin working on yourself and helping others do the same. Whether u have PTSD,TBI or a physical disability from the War, it's time to start the process of shifting your training to a civilian-sustainable-lifestyle. Week two of Armor Down Basic Training is in the books. As you practice the techniques you will begin to understand that your training and focus can be just as easily applied to a sustainable Civy lifestyle.

What's has been done well:
-my sister showed the Armor Down functions check video to the fifth grade class she teaches in D.C. She said that all the kids in the class were performing the exercises and that they understood that I was drawing a comparison between taking care of your weapon and armoring down your shoulders. I think this is very good because it tells me that if fifth graders can understand then our Marine and Infantry brothers should have no problem.

- getting the word out and page views. 1352 page views in two weeks ain't bad. I wanted 2000 but, it's the holidays and if you are feeling anything like I am you are checking out a bit and waiting for a vacation. Not to worried about the page views over the holidays, but I will make sure that you all will have 4 solid basic training techniques to work with going into the new year.

- a friend from college contacted me about making a holiday donation to a veterans organization. I checked around with my battles on the net, found two solid organizations,sent them to my friend, and now he and his wife are making donations to both. HOOAH!

Luke's Wings
Wounded Warrior Project

Thank You, B.A. May your holiday be filled with as much Joy as you have tried to bring to others.

What needs to be improved:
-participation. What are you waiting for? Do you imagine some magical treatment will fix what ails you? That sleep will just begin to happen without any adjustment to your training? Your body and mind has the just gotta turn it back on and learn how to adjust it. The training is there, it's just surrounded by crap. Start cleaning.

To be sustained:
Twitter and Facebook conversations. I'm lovin the fact that I can interact with so many smbrs from all over the country. Aww fuck me I'm starting to get all emotional again. Listen up shit bags, I love every one of you,.....and you and your families are always welcome at my house. Ever time I think about some smbr whose confused or frustrated that he/she can't get their shit straight I start to tear up and I have to curse my way out of it. All right enough of this. Ya'll have a good weekend. I coming back at you next week.

Oh yeah, to add a little incentive to participate, anyone who follows Armor Down next week or signs up to follow by email will get exclusive access to a demonstration of the value of armored down smooth functioning shoulders.


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  1. 1,455 views is fabulous. You are offering a much needed service and your blog is going to be so helpful for so many.