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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How I keep it Mil.

I remember being in charge of our team one day down range. We were coming off a mission, and I was on my way back to our hootch when an officer asked me how soon we could be ready to go out again.

"20 minutes, sir,"I replied.

I sure as shit didn't wanna go out again but I felt real pride knowing that our team was ready at a moments notice.

I'll never not value that training. I give the Army credit, they trained me to value preparedness.

I have since made this training a part of my civy life. The below three pictures are what I have with me at any moment of the day.

My bike is single speed because I didn't want to have to worry about the complexity of gears. I have used black gorilla tape to cover all brand names and to hide the true monetary value of the bike. I have also wrapped 100 feet of 550cord around the center bar because......well, you never know when you might need it.

I tried to cover all the reflective surfaces of my camel back. When I wanna be seen I wear my reflective belt. My pack is stocked with what I need throughout a training day.

Personal training files and flyers are in the blue folder.
A first aid kit with Aleve, band aides and some Tylenol PM (emergency insomnia precaution)
Toothpicks (great for former, smokers, dippers and chewers) I did it all.
Phone charger
Utility tool
Bike tool
Business card holder
Super glue
Titanium spoon/fork
Another knife
Eye glasses screw driver
More band aids
A fire starter.

Why, you might be asking, would I need a fire starter? Well, before I realized how to reapply my training, I was waiting for collapse. You know.......societal collapse. There are a shit ton of good scientific reasons why America has spread herself too thin and I used to spend hours materially and mentally preparing for what I really believed was around the corner. For a while I figured I wouldn't need to adjust my training, that I would be ahead of the game when shit hit the fan. I got tired of waiting, but I still have the fire starter, if you catch my drift.

I'm mostly civilian now, but I still keep it Mil.

How do you keep it Mil?

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  1. You are one prepared Eagle Scout! I love that you carry all of this around just in case. Now, you can't make fun of my super large purse anymore!