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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sniper Stillness AOP 2

Breathing, above all things is your most important tool for transition.

Don't think breathing is important? Ask a sniper.

How much control would you need over your body to hit something 1000 yards away?

The furthest I ever shot was 300 yards. Pop up targets. This is a replica of the diagram I saw during basic rifle marksmanship (BRM).

If the privates are trained in breathing techniques image what the best of the best go through.

Imagine this dude for a moment. Alert. Ready.

Now image staying that way relatively motionless for 2 hours, 4, what about 12. Hardcore. (Any Longarms with stories would be greatly appreciated, HOOAH?)

Anyway my point is that because the best of the best are taking advantage of breathing techniques to perform better I'm going to be inclined to believe that breathing can give me a significant advantage in life much less transition.

You see the amount of focus and self awareness a sniper must have to perform his job is only available to him if he has awareness of his breath.

Now having never been a sniper I don't know this for sure but I do know that your central nervous system takes its cues from your breathing and your central nervous system influences a lot of things that are tough to control especially if you are trying to stay still.

What internal environment do you think it would be easier to shoot from?

Now what if you took that same focus on the breath out if the battlefield and just used it in general. What if you got so proficient at focusing with your breath as a technique for self awareness and control that you enjoyed it.

Shopping with my wife used to bug me out. Now my mind is serene, and I just get to enjoy seeing my wife and hoping she's happy.

The second stanza of the Art of Peace is: 2. One does not need money, building,power or status to practice the art of peace. Heaven is right were you are standing and that is the place to train.


  1. Breathing was my nemesis today while swimming. I was so stressed out from a tough day at work that couldn't breathe well while swimming. I definitely wish that I read this post before I went swimming. Its not that I don't know that breathing is important, but sometimes I just need a reminder. Thanks for the great post!

  2. This stuff is really deep. Our military is trained well, so it appears. Your words commingled with the photos is stirring.