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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Take a break before you are dead, HOOAH?

The movie Gladiator with Russel Crowe is one of those movies that I can't turn away from.

Whether its the battle scenes in the beginning or the gladiator scenes throughout, I can't change the channel.

Are you still trying to figure out what "HOOAH" means?

Everything about that movie is HOOAH.

Back in the day, I liked to imagine I was made of Gladiator material.

Chain me to my battle buddy, give me a short sword and bring on the chariots......and the tigers, mutha fracker.

But when I first looked at this weeks stanza, a different scene came to mind.

Remember that scene at the end of the movie where Maximus is walking towards the setting sun while trailing his fingers through a sea of wheat?

Like all the great warrior movies, it ended. Wrapped up nice and neat leaving me wanting more.

If only it worked that way, HOOAH?

For us, the saga continues.

In the movie, Maximus had to constantly adapt to changing levels of threats. New weapons, new enemies, new problems and like a true warrior, keep his cool the whole time.

Life is rather similar. However--and this is important--you aren't a gladiator, you don't have to fight all the time. You can take breaks.

Now if you watch the news or read almost anything online, you might feel like you are in a fight.

What I loved about Gladiator was that, no matter what, Maximus handled his stuff with poise.

I thought I was made of the same stuff, until I lost it.

As you can see below, this leader lost it.

I get it. I understand.

Don't let it get that far, HOOAH?

Liberal, conservative, global warming, birth certificates, pension plans--they are all above my pay grade.

Listen up SMBRs, when you return you need to take breaks from that stuff. I know it's fun to feel entitled to yell and deservedly so, but you are putting yourself under the gun again.

Get that 4th point of contact into the woods.

Poor Maximus had to die before he got a break and then the movie ended.

Remember, all your training is still good. You are just applying it towards a different lifestyle.

Unlike the movies, this lifestyle develops over time.

Find space to develop these patterns away from the fight.

You will never stop being a warrior. You are just becoming a wiser one.

The 12th stanza of the Art of Peace, by founder and creator of the Martial Art Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba is:

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