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Thursday, September 27, 2012

No Faith in Media: Voting Obama.

The night we left on the mission that almost took my life, we were given a threat assessment briefing. The LT said there was a possible IED on Route Emily so the convoy was going to go west instead of east. This amounted to a right turn instead of a left off of Route Propane.

Wrong decision.

The intel report got it backwards. We should have turned left.

I don't dwell on this slight of fate, but it has left me with a healthy skepticism of "accredited" information. Whether it's intel from S-2, mainstream media or a medical journal, I'm taking it with a grain of salt.

I especially distrust what I see in the main stream media. To watch the way the same story is told by different outlets is frustrating. As Jack Nicholson's Joker said in the first Batman movie....

Hubba hubba hubba
Money money money
Who do you trust,
Who do you trust?

My interactions on twitter lead me to believe that a lot of people feel as I do.

That said, how do we examine this most important of decisions coming in November?

This is what I have done with regards to the Obama and Romney ticket. I watched their speeches and read their words. After reading what they themselves had to say I asked myself these questions:

1. Who will support the needs of us transitioning to a civilian lifestyle?

2. Who will take care of our troops still in, without having to use them too much?

My decision to vote Obama is based the words each candidate dedicated to service members during their campaign speeches at this years conventions.

Obama' Speech:

Romney explaining why didn't mention troops during his speech.

I get that Romney talked to American legion before his speech. But his explanation for why he didn't mention the troops in his speech is very confusing and it seems to me that he doesn't think troops are important.

I know he sorta "misspoke", but he seems to do that a lot.

The 47 percent video is an example of not being clear. His argument could be articulated in a more tactful way, instead he comes off pretty bad.

I have battle buddies from Iraq who are on 100% disability and they are entitled to every penny the government gives them. Romney may not have meant to, but he called my brothers mooches.

These seemingly innocent mistakes are a big deal. Kind of like turning right when you should have turned left.

I think Obama will serve veterans and service members better and I think Obama is wiser than Romney.

In my opinion this last point is the most significant. Tact is required to navigate the problems we are facing as a global community. A slip of the tongue, a false move could spell disaster.

Romney displays a lack of tact that keeps him on the defensive.

Obama was a beatable candidate and I think it's largely because Romney lacks tact and wisdom that he is losing.

I'm going all in for Obama. Last Wednesday, I began volunteering as the Veterans for Obama Montgomery County Maryland phone bank coordinator.

Wednesday was cool. I hung out with a Vietnam Vet and made phone calls to Virginia. Out of 50 phone calls I think I might have influenced one guy to vote Obama. If you wanna volunteer next Wednesday night, follow the link below.

Look, I understand Obama has failed in many ways. I get it, but I think he offers us our best shot moving forward.

Better the devil you know than the one you don't.

This post was guided by the 29th stanza of the Art of Peace, a book written by Morihei Ueshiba , the founder and creator of the Martial Art, Aikido.


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