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Friday, May 24, 2013

Mindful Memorial Day.

What if this Memorial Day you remember the sacrifice of our warriors past and are mindful of our warriors present?

I don't think I've ever really understood what it meant to be a civilian before I became a warrior.

My job as a warrior was clearly defined. My job as a civilian took longer, but now it's clear.

My job is to carry on that which is precious. Sacrifice is precious. The fact that our culture dedicates time to remember every year makes me proud to be an American.

As a society we hold certain things dear. I went to fight for those things and now I maintain them. Make sure future generations keep the fire burning, Hooah!

We keep that fire burning partly by how well we remember the fallen, but also with how well we take care of the warriors still with us.

To share a tool that helped me transition, I reached out to these organizations to create and distribute a flyer that links anyone with a computer or smart phone to a mindful meditation.

Northwest Sport and Health
Circle Yoga
Citizens for Health
Give Back Yoga Foundation
Outlaw Yoga
Voices for Hope
This Community was Connected By WeLoo Parks

This mindful meditation is created to be a sleep aid. The hope is that people will see its utility in this one aspect and want to learn more.

This Sunday, volunteers and I will be handing out flyers.

If you would like to participate we are meeting at L'Enfant Plaza Metro at 8am, and will be there until we are done.

More details are in the video.

If you do come, look for me in this hat.

You will also get this cool shirt.

Next Friday there will be a SpreeCast for the partners to go over the data from the event. Anyone can check it out by following this link.

This is not the traditional Thursday post. That will come on Monday. However, I did go on a drop to mitigate some of my anxiety around this weekend. This meditation is a good example of why cultivating an internal resource is useful.

Here is the link.

See you Sunday!


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