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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Third Third Third, Third is the Word.

Don't you know about the third? Everybody knows the third is the word!

Last weeks post was met with a bit of confusion so lets see if I can sort it out.

I left you last week saying...

"My present moment consists of memories of that dream and the fact that I slept poorly.

Can I ebb and flow with that?"

To make this more clear I need to flush out what I think I might be.

Now whenever I go into the ethereal I like to add the word:

I may be a three part being.

From the Christian perspective....

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

From the Taoist perspective....

Jing, Shen, and Wu Chi.

A Yogi might add that, according to their traditions, we are 7 energy centers, but you get my point.

I will proceed according to the possibility that I am body, mind, and spirit.

Each aspect having distinct characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

Maybe, my body is like a square, balanced.

Maybe, my mind is like a circle, infinite in its potential.

Maybe, my spirit is like a triangle, grounded on earth but pointing to the heavens.

The Yogis have something called sacred geometry that furthers this concept, and if you have taken to reading the stanzas at the end of these posts you will see that Morihei Ueshiba has his own understandings, too.

Either way, how you break it down varies, but the main point is that we might be..... at least, three part beings.

Ok, so last week when I couldn't sleep 2/3rds of me where in upheaval. My mind was out of control and as a result my body mis-functioned.

In the past this type of behavior would have a huge impact on my spirit and I would succumb to despair.

I have liken this despair to falling into an abyss full of demons and permanence.

Nowadays this doesn't happen as often.

Because I might be this three part being, I train all three, daily.

I use meditation to train my mind. Exercise to train my body, and compassion and patience to train my spirit.

Now here is the secret.....all of this training is founded on equanimity.

The reason this piece is important is because no matter how much I train there will be moments when I can't change or influence my circumstances.

When a moment like that arises, like it did last week, the answer to the question:

Can I Ebb and Flow with that,

is based on my ability to recognize what parts are outta wack and
in the part
or parts,
that are fine.

I didn't suffer last week because my training kicked in and allowed me to find the part of what I might be that was calm. I was able to ebb and flow with darkness.

Now I'll drop a little hint about a future post that I'm sure will arise sooner or later.

If we might be three part beings what do we become when all three are working together in perfect harmony.

Maybe worth a thought!

This post was guided by the 65th stanza of the Art of Peace, a book written by Morihei Ueshiba
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  1. As a Christian, I've heard the mind, body, spirit definition of who and what we are. I don't think about it much; just function automatically, letting each kick in to do its job when it needs to. A craving I suppose.

    I like your circle, square, triangle analogy. That's pretty deep.