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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Glory eats Courage

Implicit to the soul of every warrior is courage.

That courage is brought to bear any time there is crisis.

Glory needs courage and as such courage is often motivated by something bigger.

What stands out for me in all this is the fact that I never hear warriors talk about glory.

I hear governments and leaders talk about ...for the glory of...(insert lofty ideal) .....but never the individuals.

In recent weeks I've been thinking alot about how lofty ideals have been used throughout history as a call to action.

Whether on the battlefield or the football field, glory is a great driver.

Problem I have with this is what happens when the game is done or the war is over?

If a warrior is not fighting for a higher ideal then what is courage good for?

You all know that I aspired to lofty goals and felt that my glorious return from war would pave my way to a happily ever after.

Nope, it's never like the movies.

So why bring all this up.

Soul and Spirit.
Glory and Courage.

Because I think lofty goals and higher level stuff distracts some people (like myself) from really recognizing the super higher level stuff that's already inside them.

Ready for a huge maybe......?

Maybe Jesus was the first to recognize the fact that everything we already have is everything we will ever need. "He who has not known himself does not know anything, but he who has known himself has also known the depth of all."

Glory may well call for the greater good, just keep in mind that good is inside us already.

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