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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Crossfit: America's Civilian Manifestation of the Iraq and Afghanistan war.

From the perspective of the oligarchy of that day and age, the notion that the uneducated masses could govern themselves was laughable.

"Let them eat cake"

Oh how they were mistaken.

It took some time of course, but the old ways, the old rulers were replaced.

The last hurrah for the old rulers was WWI.
That Democracy ruled was made clear by WWII.

Bottom line: democracy was put to the ultimate test and won!

Never was the world more our oyster than after WWII.

The rise of the private individual and subsequently private institutions created something new to the western world, a middle class.

Power to the people!

Sort of.

This power came with a cost: the fear if losing it.

Subsequently conflict arose.

We had to fight for our way of life.

Whether it was the communists or the terrorists the only way to save ourselves was to fight.

So we did.


Did we win, did we lose?

We are still the strongest nation in the world right?

Something changed during our lose or die wars.
During Iraq and Afghanistan never had a nation of so many gone to war with so few.

Less than 1% of 1% of our nation fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How is that possible?

E Pluribus Unum, Out of Many, One: right?

This reality of who we are may be playing itself out on a national scale by those who experience life in general as a fight to the death.

Is it possible that the national narrative of the past decade has framed how many Americans motivate themselves in their own lives?

Ironically this manifestations of our youth may be following the same mistakes our nation made in the past.

Below is a Crossfit video and a script of the language used in the clip.

Every man carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

From the weight of frustration for not being able to find a job, to the weight of lethargy from not being able to sleep at night from a crying baby.

To the weight of rage for that bitch that left you even though you gave her your heart.

Worst of all is the weight of carrying the fact that you're not living up to the greatest strength that's within you. Not being the strongest version of yourself.

All of this resistance accumulates, it grows so heavy it feels like your body's going to break.

So what does a man do when he feels like he's on the brink of destruction.

What does a man do when he feels like a weight has become so unbearable.

He learns to lift that shit.

He learns to lift it not because he has something to prove.

But because of who he is to become.

When you discover that all the challenges of your life are just like the weights you slap on the bar.

Your asshole boss.
Sick baby.
Broken heart.

Know that each one of them is specifically designed to strengthen the weaknesses within your character.

Then not only do you except these challenges, you beg for them.

Pray: lay your heavy burden on my shoulders so that I can grow stronger.

Bring it on, because I'll lift that shit or die trying.

Lift that shit or die trying.

Is this crossfit warrior not the embodiment of our nationally identity over the past 70 years?

Under strain, and pain, and threat; is not the recent history of our nation to react with force to protect our greatest potential?

Any yet has our recent history not show the weakness implicit to a singular reliance on strength and power?

Did not our "mission accomplished" come back to haunt us?

How did we get out of Iraq? Let me tell you, it wasn't by force.

How are we going to get out of Afghanistan?

Strength as an ideal is a myth.

That a nation can dominate by strength alone is just as flawed as the notion that an individual can.

Strength may help you deal with the frustration of a crying baby but strength will not sooth a crying baby. Strength may help you take the hit of betrayal but could a singular reliance on strength have been the cause of betrayal in the first place?

Whether we see ourselves as individuals or Americas we must come to realize that reliance on strength alone is not enough.

Our reaction to the crisis in Syria is evidence that we are changing how we respond to conflict.

The reality of the world is that when a new way of doing things proves to be effective, the old ways better watch out.

But hey, you can always eat cake.


This post was guided by the 97th stanza of the Art of Peace, a book written by Morihei Ueshiba

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