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Monday, December 26, 2011

Foundations for Future Development

Basic training is the soil from which all other training grows. In the beginning the military burns down and razes all the vestiges of your old self and through the process of training creates the perfect soil to plant the seed of service member. Each branch of the military plants a slightly different seed, but the soil is the same for everyone.

Armor Down BCT is no different. Only instead of tearing down the entirety of your old military self, ADBCT takes away the pieces that were fortified or up armored for war, shows you how to shed the armor and reapply your mil training towards a sustainable civilian lifestyle.

This final week of BCT combines the last three weeks of training into an exercise that I think perfectly counter balances today's civilian lifestyle.

The exercise is the kettle bell swing(KBS).

The reason I think this exercise is perfect for Armoring Down is that it trains you to stay loose and aligned through the shoulders and hips. KBS is also a great way to counter act the muscular structural influence of wearing body armor.

Remember the feeling you had during the last few days of your deployment.......well the end of the first iteration of ADBCT is a week away.

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