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Friday, December 30, 2011

Get Busy Livin, HOOAH?

At Ease, Smbrs.

If you think for one fucking minute that training is over, your brain is still stuck on stupid. This iteration of ADBCT is over......but only this iteration. In the weeks to follow I will continue to expound upon how to turn your shitty, unproductive, unsustainable, lifestyle into something sustainable and useful and believe you me, our lovely society needs our contribution.

Because there have been so few comments doing a traditional AAR doesn't make any sense. What I'm going to do is quickly outline the Basics of Armor Down training, so you can see it as a whole.

Week 1 (cleaning)
- body armor,heavy. Impacts shoulders. After significant time shoulders stuck. Use breath lift shoulder blades. Clean out alien trash.

Week 2 (functions check)
-mil training and mindset reapplied to civilian world. Same sensitivity applied to M4....reapplied to smooth motion of shoulders. Develop new standard.

Week 3 (not loosing your shit)
-applying training to a regular activity. Practice discipline....reap rewards.

Week 4 (kettle bell swing)
- all training combined and applied with balance.

Just like military BCT.....Lodi Dodi friggen everybody goes through these steps first.

One more thing before I'm out. To everyone reading this who is not a SMBR.....don't forget that smbrs are trained for other words smbrs are trained for killing. Now this might not mesh with the way our society has sterilized 10 years of war, turned killing into video games and used war to sell shit, but let me be clear..........smbrs have been trained to kill.....not video game or movie kill....but the real thing....

Take that last bit how you will but always remember.

Next week I will be talking about the dark side....the killing side.

See you then.

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