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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence from the Uniform

Ok, off we go down the rabbit hole.

Soul = Forever (maybe)

Hardware of the soul is Body/Mind.

Hardware of Body/Mind is central nervous system.

Hardware of Central Nervous System is:
Fight or Flight ~ Sympathetic Side.
Relaxation ~ Para-sympathetic Side

Still tracking? Loddi Doddi everybody from a 4Star to a Private is working with this same hardware.

Now, this is important: regardless of your purpose in the military, deployment will influence how your hardware operates, which will influence how you experience your life.

This happens for everyone. Yesterday, I was talking to a Vietnam Veteran who helps Colonels and Generals pivot their carriers into the civilian sector.

He described guys and gals being wholly unprepared for the changes coming their way because, "they never took the time to find out who they were under the uniform."

As a buck sergeant I scoffed at this, boo hoo, poor 3 star is gonna have such a hard time getting a kushy defense contractor job with a 6-7 figure salary.

But think about it, image the significance of a 3 Star during war.....thousand and thousands of men and women are their responsibility. War ends, their promotion packets get turned down because their are no slots and the military is down what? Here's a bunch of money General, have a nice life.

Bottom line is that all warriors at some point will have to change and pivot towards civilian.

Now, if we come back to the idea that the soul is forever, then your civilian pivot doesn't mean an entirely new creation of who you are, but simply a pivot towards an examination of who you have always been.

You made it through a deployment so you know you got what it takes to move forward. The difference as a civilian is that you don't have the military deciding your life for you.

Outside the uniform, who are you, what do you want from your life?

To figure out who u are after the uniform we need to look at the elements that make up the world around you.

The five elements are earth, wind, water, fire, and heart. This just happens to be similar to the ways the Taoists, the Buddhists and the Yogis among others see the physical world, but I digress.

Since this is the hardware of the physical world, I propose you examine how each of these five elements can be improved in your own life as a means to finding out what you want after the uniform.

Starting with earth, I propose you find a geographically superior location to where u live or work and go there on a regular basis for at least 3 minute of total silence.

My location is Fort Reno, Washington D.C.

Fort Reno is the highest point in DC. The fort saw action on July 10–12, 1864, when Robert E. Lee sent 22,000 Confederates led by General Jubal A. Early against the 9,000 Union troops defending Washington.

These days, rumor has it that Dick Cheney built a bunker here after 9-11 and that there are hidden tunnels all the way to the White House.

Anyway, next week I will begin sitting under this tree on the south western side of the fort every Tuesday morning at 7am. I'll tell you about it every Tuesday on Facebook, or better yet, why not join me?

What do you want independent of the uniform?

It's a big question.

I wouldn't worry about having an answer, but I'd love to hear about where you have decided to go to start asking the question.

This post was guided by the 69th stanza of the Art of Peace, a book written by Morihei Ueshiba
Armor Down has a website. Check it out.

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Try this meditation I created around the seed sounds of the chakras.

Thrive as a civilian.


  1. I wear a few uniforms; that of a wife and mother and a few other uniforms, too. The wife uniform will remain. The mother uniform will be changed to a different style when the last child goes to college. Not eager for the change, however beginning to prepare for reality, to be ready for my independence from the uniform. It's an exciting thought as it "should" also be for ALL who leave the military. Too bad it isn't. I hope your message and ideas can help at least a few because even one is worth it.

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