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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Innuendo tricks Mindfulness with a Mosquito Bite

Even if you agree with me that the soul might be infinite, why the hell would that matter and what does that have to do with going somewhere outside to sit for 3min.

The Body Baby!

What if I told you that your body was a red hot love affair waiting to be had?

Remember now,
we are looking at this from
the perspective of an infinite soul, so
the fact that your body,
first has to be born
then dies,
makes it pretty clear that
you are your body but
are also distinct from it.

I recognize that I'm talking to warriors about a red hot love affair with their body.......I know I'm stretching it but follow me still and I'll tell you about my experience last Tuesday.

The morning was just waking up when I arrived at Fort Reno. The grass was wet as I laid down my mat.

As I settled into my seat I started to feel signals from my body. Sit up straighter, shift away from that rock, breath more deeply.

It took me a moment to listen but I did and I started to settle.

The sounds of the birds caught my attention, then the crispness of the morning air. In the next moment my body alerted me to a sharp prick of sensation. The feeling was that of being penetrated.

The intel my body was sending me told my mind that I was being sucked on by a mosquito.

I felt enraged and immediately wanted to react and kill! That little spot felt like it was on fire. I felt the throbbing, the heat.....that little friggen thing was sucking the life out of me and all I wanted to do was destroy.

I had 30seconds to go in my meditation so I dug deep into my discipline and kept my arm still. The friggen bug was still going at it so I shifted my focus to my breathing. I could feel my breath and the bug sucking my blood at the same time. I had the choice whether or not to swipe it away or focus on my breath and I chose the latter.

Those last 30seconds felt like an eternity but I maintained my discipline and stayed still for the full three minutes.

Penetration, heat, wetness, rage, throbbing......has there ever been an affair worth having without these sensations?

Yuk. Half of me hates this post the other half thinks I'm clever.

Take it how you will,
but I still
encourage you to find a cool spot,
to chill.

A lot can happen in three minutes.

You might even practice some mindfulness.

This post was guided by the 70th stanza of the Art of Peace, a book written by Morihei Ueshiba
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