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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Failure From the Souls Perspective

If Spirit is your dreams,
Soul is your legacy.

If you jive with the idea that we are made from divine stuff then that kinda puts us on a divine continuum.

Soul down on earth, spirit in the heavens.

Since we are made of the same stuff we can reasonably assume that the soul element of who we are is infinite too.

So our legacy is the infinity of our past.

I like thinking about legacy because I'm building it every moment I mindfully address the present.

A strong legacy of mindfulness is a legacy built with awareness and not for example fear.

I use fear as an example because fear has many a time driven my thoughts instead of just showing up in them.

My biggest fear, one that drives me, is a fear of failure, of not being good enough.

This fear has driven me to great heights but has also caused much shame.

Recently I've been looking at my fear of failure from the perspective of my soul.

Soul being infinite has no judgement of failure, why would it?

My soul is the legacy of divinity.

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