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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Cash

The CASH was a surreal world. Everyone was so kind to each other. The emotion I saw and heard between smbrs (service members)was palpable. I was asked at every turn if I needed anything by officers and enlisted alike. Everyone is connected in the CASH by a since of shared slight shift in the way things turned out and everything would have been different.

4 members of the 303rd ended up in the cash at the beginning of 07. One of us died aswell as a soldier from the battalion I was attached to. I was hit between those two instances, It was the driver of both vehicles that died.....I lived. Why?

So I could talk to you fucked up assholes.

Maybe it's all the ass kissing, maybe we got soft. But smbrs who could handle combat can't handle civy life so we need to tighten up and complete the mission.

Now it is my opinion that so far we have been taught to handle transition by officers and academics......that's nice......but we were trained into uncle Sam's military by NCO'S so it doesn't take a fucking rocket scientists to see that the mission won't be effective until we get some NCO coordination.

So rank up, get your people organized, at least the dumb shits that need it and let's begin the process of.....surprise, surprise, ......taking care of ourselves.

You got techniques for how you Armor Down.....step up and share them. We represent 1% of 1% of americans who actually experienced the price of our waiting around for some REmF to figure out a solution is gonna take too long, we gotta use social media to share the most useful shit and see if we can't get some smbrs trained up in civilian. Basic training lasts four weeks.


  1. I'm so excited for this blog - I can't wait to learn more and more about your experiences. Oh, but maybe less swearing--okay?

  2. I had to re-read after I Googled CASH and NCO which I'm going to type here so that it will stick in my brain:
    Combat Army Support Hospital, Non-commisioned officer. Test me tomorrow. :)

    I keep staring at that picture, trying to imagine...